Sharing methods that make you more effective

What is EduMethods?

Experience and Expertise

EduMethods is an LLC providing professional IT expertise in the design, development, testing, and deployment of modern websites and automating Development and Operations (DevOps) functions.

Software project experience spans both large corporations and small businesses. Besides the hands-on tasks we work with you to document your business and technical requirements, compare alternatives, and conduct knowledge transfer needed to make you more effective. 

Web Development

Modernize your web presence

Mobile devices present a new challange for your online web presense. In 2016 access to websites from mobile devices surpassed that from desktop devices. If you don't accomodate mobile you are already behind. While iOS and Android let your clients access older website designs, your users are now primarily mobile and become turned off stumbling through web interfaces initially designed for desktop browsers. So do you design and add new and separate mobile-friendly web pages or migrate to integrated responsive and accelerated mobile pages? EduMethods will work with you to design and deploy a modern website that serves desktop and mobile visitors equally well and enlarging your base of regular visitors and potential new customers.

Development Operations

DevOps and Automation

A specialized skillset within IT is the intersection of IT infrastructure knowledge (hardware, software, virtualization) and that of software programming. Setting up servers and storage for a new application or development testbed used to involve operations teams physically moving, lifting, installing, connecting and testing numerous hardware and software elements. Today, the methodology of DevOps is about leveraging virtualization and automation tools to automate these functions. EduMethods offers a specialized set of skills focused on automated storage provisioning and it's interface with various DevOps tools, APIs and languages.