Graphic Projects

A sampling of brand, logo, and photographic design projects. Click a sample to zoom in.

Photographic Effects

We created a painting from a badly cropped photograph. These two horses, Dusty and Mia, have long been the King and Queen of the Korns family horse farm. The best photo we had of them together was "not so great" because it cropped off Dusty's ears. We decided to zoom in, extend the sky upward, fix the cropped ears, apply an oil painting filter, and mat and frame the result.

Creative Graphics

Graphics attract the eye and embody the look and feel of your website, brochure or poster. Below are three digital graphic projects, some large, some small. The first is a military coin designed for an Army unit deployed overseas. The second was a graphic built for a website to talk about the name of the company. The third is an example of quickly cloning three versions of a photograph of the teddy bear.


As part of a new member drive the local Rotary Club imagined a brochure that would promote membership. In conjuction with their President and Membership Chair we gathered specific local programs, activities, and photographics that built a story around the purpose of Rotary and what is means in Greensburg, Kentucky .  

Social Media Icons

An important component of any branding strategy is furthering your brand across the various mediums including browsers (a Faviocn for use in browser tabs and bookmarks), as social media icons to brand posts on social media sites, and as mobile device homescreen buttons allowing one touch access to your website or app.

Photographic Time-lapse

Time-lapse images can illustrate change over time. The trick is taking the sequence of photos from the same postion and then using Photoshop to merge and line them up. We took photos when we added shutters to our house, the next day when we added wreaths after an unexpected snowfall, and later that day after the thaw. These are low quality versions of the originals to save space here. The merged single time lapse image sequence can be seen by clicking here.

Photographic Fakes

We helped develop a special gift for a new and thriving local makeup artist. She has long been an admirer of Marilyn Monroe so from photos of both her and Marilyn we found a best match and a way to blend them into a perfect framed gift for her new studio.

Photographic Merging

Group photos are not always easy. On my last day of work I managed to get a group photo of all my co-workers. Turns out not everyone was there that day and given flu season and vacation days it took another 7 photos over several weeks to get everyone's photo. I had the pleasure of cutting, pasting and cropping the add-on photos to assemble this shot of 38 of my co-workers I miss to this day.


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