Book Cover Projects

A sampling of book cover design projects. Click a sample to zoom in.

Conversations with the Tuesday Night Girls

The written glimpse into your book's story can entice potential readers even more if you also visualize the book for them. The more real it seems the sooner you can turn them into pre-orders and buyers. These mockup photos can make your book real on social media even before it exists. Buy the way, if you've ever wanted to be a fly on the wall listening in on a group of hilarious classy ladies, now you can enjoy Claire's book on Amazon at BUY IT NOW.  

The Not-Home Christmas

You won't find this book in the stores just yet. In fact, when you do find it, it may look very different. You see, this book cover is an early prototype being used by an author for early phase marketing efforts. In less than two weeks we tested out a variety of looks before arriving on a short list of variations. Below are a couple of variations of the place-holder covers available for early use on social media.

Book Covers on the Cutting Room Floor

Developing book covers involves a joint effort between the author, the contraints of the publishing mechanism (eBook, hardcover, paperback, audio, etc) and the imagination of the graphic artist. It explores a number of interim cycles and drafts as everyone converges on the overall look and feel. Below are a sampling of some draft covers that ended up on the cutting room floor.. 

Book Covers for a Classic

Fail-Safe is classic cold war era book first published in 1962. We decided to use it as a basis to test out various styles for a potential future book cover. A key character in the book, the B-58 Hustler bomber, was the first super-sonic bomber is the US fleet. We captured some pubic domain B-58 images as well as images from the 1964 movie including Henry Fonda (the President) and Larry Hagman (the President's interpreter). It won't have any of the prototype covers you see below but the book is available on Amazon at BUY IT NOW.


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