Sharing methods that make you more effective

What is EduMethods?

Web and Graphic Design

EduMethods provides professional expertise in the design, development and deployment of modern websites including creative graphic design. Put more simply, we put your business or concept on the web. 

The world of web design and deployment is changing. We have consciously decided to focus on web tools and services that are client accessible, easy to use, and put you, not us, in control of your site for the long term. As our motto implies, we are focused on "Sharing methods that make you more effective".  

Web Design

Modernize your web presence

Mobile devices present a new challange for your online web presense. In 2016 access to websites from mobile devices surpassed that from desktop devices. If you don't accomodate mobile you are already behind. While iOS and Android let your clients access older website designs, your users are now primarily mobile and become turned off stumbling through web interfaces initially designed for desktop browsers. So do you design and add new and separate mobile-friendly web pages or migrate to integrated responsive and accelerated mobile pages? EduMethods will work with you to design and deploy a modern website that serves desktop and mobile visitors equally well and enlarging your base of regular visitors and potential new customers.