Example Websites

Proto: Composites Business

Link: ArachnidComposites.com

Arachid Compsites envisioned a contract composites business in the areospace industry. Logo from existing business card scanned and photoshopped for menu bar and home page. Includes Overview and Feature pages and functional Contact email page. Developed with Mobirise and hosted on GitHub.

Equestrian Boarding Business

Link: MarysBarn.com

Informational website with blog for horse boarding business. Included facility and horse photo galleries plus owner blog. Developed with Mobirise and hosted on GoDaddy.

Previous EduMethods Design

Link: EduMethods.com (em/em-c)

The previous version of the EduMethods site was focused on Hybrid Cloud Automation circa 2016. Site provided services descrptions and client reference list. Developed with Mobirise (v3) and hosted on GoDaddy.

Proto: Blog Site Concept

Link: itsallinyourhead.guru 

A contemplated but never rolled out blog site. Developed with Mobirise and demostrates a single-page, responsive mobile/desktop user interface. Developed with Mobirise and hosted on GitHub.

Older and

Retired Websites

The best work always occurs in the past

Data Center Locator WebApp

NaO - NetApp at Oracle (link not available)

Oracle operated 450 NetApp controllers with 100,000 disk drives providing petabytes of managed storage. Locating systems in the data center (size of 3 football fields) was a challange. The NaO iPhone WebApp allowed engineers to locate systems and view model and version info. Developed circa 2010 via raw html and iWebKit macros. A custom Perl backend provided database access. Hosted on an onsite Linux Apache Server and accessed via VPN.

Personal Website and Blog

Link: DavesLot.com (dl)

Personal website with About and Blog pages. Updated circa 2012 using Apple's iWeb development tool (now retired) to provide larger UI elements (buttons, etc) for access on mobile devices. Hosted on GoDaddy.

Pre-Mobile Version of EduMethods

Link: EduMethods.com (em/em-a)

First EduMethods site to use iWeb and focused on Storage Consulting circa 2008. Provided Latest News, Services Descrptions, Resource List and About/Contact pages. Developed with iWeb and hosted on GoDaddy.

Original Version of EduMethods

EduMethods.com (link not available)

The original EduMethods site coincided with the circa 2002 birth of EduMethods as a SIF Framework consultancy based on EduStructures (now PowerSchool). Built with Adobe Dreamweaver circa 2002 and hosted on zilker.net Linux host.

Family Website .us Domain

korns.austin.tx.us (link not available)

Family-based website utilizing tabbed interface design with JavaScript roll-over actions, animated GIFs, and popup windows to provide access to family photos, hobbies, the Weather Channel, an in-home webcam, and 4 custom background music-tracks. Built circa 1998 - 2002 using Adobe Dreamweaver, hosted on zilker.net Linux server in the country (.us) domain.